wordle 136

136Dear Wordlers,

It’s nice to be back among you.  Life was busy enough that I ignored the Whirl for a couple weeks, but see that you all stayed quite busy.  This week’s words came from Pema Chodron’s Facebook status.  A student run’s her page, posting excerpts from her writings and talks.

See you soon,


8 comments on “wordle 136

  1. Decidedly “friendlier” and less gruesome or sad this week! Thanks!’


  2. seingraham says:

    Long time, no writing…finally getting back to some sort of schedule (I hope)…although, I have been happily immersed in ModPo, a course from Coursera, taken through University of Pennsylvania on-line with Professor Al Filreis…if you’ve not heard of it…I highly recommend it. Starts again next September and anyone I know who’s taken it once, will likely be taking it again or even a third time…oh and did I mention it’s gratis?…Yeah, pretty amazing.


  3. julespaige says:

    Life can get busy. Wishing all who celebrate Thanksgiving and Chanukah wonderful family time!

    The story continues here:

  4. Good morning! My muse is flirting with me a bit, and I may not complete a piece today. I do want to participate, though, and will try to come back Tuesday to read and share. It’s a two day week at school! I love the holiday season. 😉 It’s nice to see the place busy. I’ll be around to read after I write.

  5. Pamela says:

    Great set of words, Brenda. Thanks.


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