wordle 63

Dear Wordlers,

This week’s words were selected from a piece on Sherman Alexie’s official blog. It’s an interesting place. I subscribe to his e-mail list; it is sporadic, but always funny. I hope his words take you somewhere interesting.

Write in good health,



22 comments on “wordle 63

  1. wow – not sure if I made it in with last week’s words or not but thought I’d give it a shot anyhow …

  2. pmwanken says:

    Had a hard time finding a “hook” for this list…and then a hard time finding time to write! A busy weekend led me to an exhausting Monday…but, finally…I’m going to post my wordle! Thanks, Brenda, as always.

    Be back throughout the week to read…

  3. Good words, good place, looking forward to reading poems tomorrow.

  4. Thanks for the words; they went together well.

  5. JazzBumpa says:

    OK – I’ll play.

    How do I get your banner to show up in my blog post?


  6. nan says:

    I am late! I found these words to be very productive. I will be back to read soon!

  7. Hola!, My wonderful wordle group! Late post today. Looking forward to looking at all of your precious gems for the week. Happy wordling everyone!

  8. A bit late, but I made it. Thank you for the words, they led in interesting directions. Please let me know what you think… http://hopefuljo.wordpress.com/2012/07/01/365-creativity-project-day-174/

  9. daphnepurpus says:

    Great words and fun to try using them with non-human subjects! Happy Sunday and thanks for the words!

  10. Mr. Walker says:

    Brenda, I think you know how much I like those multiple-meaning words, so I’ve used them all twice, which took this poem in an (interesting) direction. And I’ve tried my hand at another triversen. Thanks, as always, for such great words.


  11. Laurie Kolp says:

    Yeah! I survived Disney.

  12. brenda w says:

    The words evaded me, until I mixed it up with the photo prompt over at The Mag. Mine is up now, and I’m off to read.


  13. Lovely wordle!! Thank you and happy Sunday to ALL!!

  14. JulesPaige says:

    I was up late, but not late enough to post! This fine morning I’ve already watered my few potted out door garden plants, walked through a few thin almost invisible spider webs and brought in the paper…and it is only 7:45am… and I’m 13th! Happy July 1st and then too Happy July 4th to those celebrating.
    Thanks Brenda for a wonderful wordle list 🙂

    You can also access ‘Wedded Bliss?’ here (glad I wrote it last night!):

  15. Good words Brenda, enjoyed them. Have a great Sunday everyone!

  16. Mary says:

    Enjoyed using these words, Brenda. Have a good day, everyone; and a happy Independence Day this week to all who celebrate.

  17. Fourth here? Good grief! It must be next week’s wordle I’m working from 🙂

  18. 1sojournal says:

    Thanks for the words Brenda. They took me back to a rather unique experience.


  19. I am first? I must be up entirely too late. Thanks for the words, Brenda. Happy Sunday to all!


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