Wordle 325


2 comments on “Wordle 325

  1. Bruce Niedt says:

    oops – sorry! This was in response to last week’s wordle

  2. Bruce Niedt says:

    I follow this blog regularly and often rely on it for inspiration, but rarely post or link anything. I thought I’d share this week though:


    I am a wilted blossom.
    It takes a lot for me to smile.
    When Dad comes home, weaving on his feet,
    and bellowing at everyone in the house,
    I hide in the closet.
    My mom denies to the world
    that anything is wrong,
    but our bruises say otherwise.
    We’re behind in the rent,
    but she’s saving money on the sly.
    One night she whispered,
    Someday we’ll drop out of sight, child,
    just you and me.
    We watch his decline, his self-destruction.
    and we feel like there’s nothing we can do.
    I just wish that Fate or some higher power
    would someday take him where
    he can’t hurt anyone anymore.

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