Wordle Hiatus

Greetings Wordlers,

Because I am on the road this week, and we are experiencing Mister Linky issues, the Whirl is taking a break this week.

May all of your journeys be sweet,



10 comments on “Wordle Hiatus

  1. Have some fun, Brenda. As far as Mr. Li nky, it never seems to work correctly for me on any site!

  2. My Sunday has been very flat and unproductive today! Strange how you get so into the habit and routine of doing something without realising how important to is to you. I am referring to the fact I didn’t spend lunchtime in the pub today – oh, and I missed Wordle too! Hurry on back…

  3. rosross says:

    And I was so taken by the word, hiatus, when I saw it, a poem followed anyway:


    That interval where relationship
    does breach the walls, break
    through into new realms, where
    love does lapse and understanding,

    disappears into the aperture of
    deception; that chasm of deep
    discontinuity, where the stars sit,
    filling gaps, and mind straddles

    the interim of connection; lacuna
    of possibility, rift of potentiality,
    space where growth can begin,
    and doors can be closed on the

    garden of the past, keys turned
    in stale locks of familial intention;
    so, are we drawn, pulled or even
    dragged toward change, no matter

    how much fear holds to architraves
    on which everything known, rests;
    no matter how much sanity may be
    threatened, or even extinguished.

  4. Nae bother, as Jock would say. My wordle writing skills are on strike! Have a good trip.

  5. Bastet says:

    I’m afraid that the Mr. Linky issue will be with us for quite a while … we at Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie has to do a work around to make it work … I’ll sen you an e-mail about it.

    • Bastet says:

      See I’m moderated and can’t find your email address so here goes … what you do is you upload a photo of Mr. Linky in your media editor … then get regular your Mr. Linky code: example:

      Remove the code after scr=

      then add the code from your editor that leads to your Mr. Linky image – ours is: “https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/mister-linky-logo.jpg”>

      at that point you might just want to do like Haiku Horizons and use your own thumbnail image as the linkup image. Hope this helps. Obviously you have to do this each time you use Mr. Linky. Our Jen is going back and forth trying to get some answers from W.P. seems they’ve done something with the caching of images.

      • Thanks Bastet. The techy fix is beyond me, but I can continue to put my link in the comments.

      • Bastet says:

        I think I should maybe read my comments before I hit the reply button … but hopefully I was clear as to what must be done. And it’s always wise to put links in comments or ping back to the blog 😉 … Thanks Vivi, now you know what all that nonsense was last week over at MLMM 😉

  6. jae rose says:

    Have a great trip shall look forward even more to the next whirl!

  7. Pamela says:

    While I love the Sunday Whirl, this comes at a perfect time for me. I am doing a six month planning for the prepa I start on Monday, and it is in Spanish. Ugh! Have a great vacation, Brenda.

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