Wordle 171


Dear Wordlers,

This week’s words were lifted from chapter 1 of a book I’m reading for school, Write Like This ~Teaching Real-World Writing through Modeling & Mentor Texts, by Kelly Gallagher. Gallagher’s books have been informing my instruction as a teacher of reading and writing for years. His work is a valuable resource.

Write On,



3 comments on “Wordle 171

  1. I loved the words this week. Sorry I’m so late. Life is hectic.

  2. Prayer can be answered in such mysterious ways. Almost all of the exact words of this particular wordle have been rattling through my brain looking for a spot on the palisades to catch on to and rest a while. This morning, there it was, that little nook in the rock called Wordle 171. Thanks, Brenda. I’ll be posting something within the next day or two. Took a moment away to voice my appreciation for your gift of The Sunday Whirl – not just today, but every week! Thanks for my week’s perspiration inspiration.

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