A Baker’s Dozen ~ 170


Greetings Wordlers,

It’s Saturday night for me. I just finished generating the wordle with a new word cloud generator, wordle.net had issues. This is nice. Something is in the works for me, and I hope to see you in the morning.

Write on,



7 comments on “A Baker’s Dozen ~ 170

  1. DELL CLOVER says:

    Hi Brenda–loved the words, back to read shortly.

  2. T Elizabeth says:

    Here is mine – I’ve been out a few weeks.http://prairielotus.wordpress.com/ Thanks!

  3. Happy wording to you all. This week was quick and easy, lemon squeezy! Hope you have a great week.


  4. Hi, Brenda. This new ‘model’ of wordle looks like a poem on itself 🙂 I like the font, though it’s not that significant, of course.
    OK, all said, I’m down to it and hope to manage to share.
    Happy Sunday all. It’s late afternoon here, so the weekend is almost over. Still, I run with my ‘beyond-the-Atlantic’ writing friends when I poem.
    See you all.

  5. humbird says:

    Thanks for fun, Brenda! Enjoy Sunday, poets :)xx

  6. Pamela says:

    Good Sunday to all. Thanks for the words, Brenda. I didn’t use them all. But, at least I wrote something. I will be round to read later. I am going off for the day.


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