Wordle 168


Dear Wordlers,

Summer and a puppy have kept me from writing. It’s nice to see you all still whirling away. Enjoy the words this week. Eat them up!



6 comments on “Wordle 168

  1. Wow! Did I ever take a memory trip! Great words, fit in neatly with the story.


  2. Cathy says:

    Hmm, could use the excuse that Berkley ate or pee on your poem last night

  3. jae rose says:

    Summer and a puppy is a story in itself! Thanks for keeping us whirling

  4. humbird says:

    Hello! Thanks for words, Brenda! ‘Simple image’ left untouched, but really makes the nice second title… ~ Great inspiration! ~ Happy whirling to all :)x

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