Wordle 167


Dear Wordlers,

These words were a brainstorm.

See you soon,



5 comments on “Wordle 167

  1. julespaige says:

    The week was busy… finally posting. Hope all had a happy Forth – I just got home from a small family gathering.

    Enjoy an Elfje and Flash Fiction here:

  2. These words were a hoot, Brenda! At least they were for me! A lot of fun on this one.


  3. Pamela says:

    Good Sunday to all. I am off for the day to watch the world cup. Thanks for the words, Brenda.

    Go Mexico!

  4. drpkp says:

    Good morning to all and Happy Sunday – I’ve been down-n-out with what I am now suspecting must be the flu – didn’t think I’d get here this morning – Apologies, need to get back to bed and hope to return to read and comment later . Enjoy whatever part of the day you’re in …. 🙂

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