wordle 161



9 comments on “wordle 161

  1. Again, late to the party but I brought dip… wait, I AM the dip! Anyway…


  2. With the nightly news showing nothing but death and destruction, these words formed themselves to fit in.


  3. A very happy and healthy Sunday to everyone.


  4. humbird says:

    Nice group of words! Thank you, Brenda! Sunny weather to all 🙂

  5. Nothing is coming to me. I’m going out into the world to enjoy some Montana sky. Perhaps the words will thread their way into something later. Nice to see things whirling along. 🙂

  6. I’ve managed it, but now I’m off outside to enjoy the sunshine. Can’t waste it, it’s so rare. I’ll be back to read later.

  7. CC Champagne says:

    Ohhh… So much fun to be had with this one! Great job!

  8. Pamela says:

    Brenda, Thanks for the words. See you all tomorrow.


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