2 comments on “wordle 167 ~ a baker’s dozen

  1. annell4 says:

    I am away from home and can not post on my site? I don’t remember my password?

    A Little Pile of Bones

    Stolen moments
    Aboard a ship
    To nowhere
    Still it rocks
    And sways
    Floats on water

    Bones and teeth about the same
    Bright and shiny white… or not
    In the end after the fire
    As you sift through the ash
    Blown away by the wind
    Bits of teeth and bones
    Are left scattered in the palm
    Of your hand

    Not much really
    After all the years
    Of suffering and strife
    That is a life
    A farmer
    A banker
    A thief
    A wife

    Each life a bridge
    Connecting the beginning
    With the ending
    Sink or swim
    Some lives filled with
    Many new beginnings
    Twice over
    But ending only once
    One last day
    One last breath
    …. it’s over

    What’s next
    The answer open… prospect unclear
    Just a little piles of bones
    Is all we can see from here

  2. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    Oh, the disappointment! Stayed up to link—and there’s no link to be had!!! 😦


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