wordle 145

145Happy Sunday Wordlers,

This week’s words came from a reflection piece I’m working on as part of my formal evaluation at school.  That said, I may not participate this week.  Have a good one.  I’m happy that you are all here writing and reading.

See you next week,



9 comments on “wordle 145

  1. anjum wasim dar says:

    Hi Brenda
    Here are some lines….

  2. WabiSabi says:

    Good Morning Poets! Hope it is warm where you are!

  3. humbird says:

    Thank you, Brenda for words, for inspiration! Hope you will get some rest! ~ Happy Sunday for All!

  4. Hello everyone,

    Inspired by Pamela, this is my first time at the Sunday Whirl, where (although I woke up today not planning to…) I am now posting new my new piece ‘Graced’ – I hope you like it… Looking forward to catching up with you all, later – this evening on this wet and windy Sunday afternoon, here in the UK…. With Best Wishes Scott http://www.scotthastie.com

  5. julespaige says:

    Remember to breath through all the work that has to be done so you can enjoy your creative times –
    Have a great week everyone. Hope to catch up on reading Sunday Whirl contributions …eventually. We are all busy living. And yet we so want to create and visit too.

    Thus another smaller piece for the Whirl this week:

  6. drpkp says:

    Brenda, thank you once again for continuing … hope all is going well for you …. 🙂

  7. Pamela says:

    Thanks, Brenda. I actually am having a pleasant night with Michael and we are having a wonderful conversation, it might be late. But, this time is precious to me.


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