Wordle 107


Dear Wordlers,

I wrote a poem during NaPo, and liked the rich words it carried. You can find the piece here. Barbara Young was kind enough to read it and pick twelve words for us this week. Thanks for that, Barb. May the words take you somewhere interesting.

See you soon,



12 comments on “Wordle 107

  1. Just found out my link is not working on this site.
    You can find me at: http://purplepeninportland.wordpress.com/

  2. David King says:

    Having another pop at something to which I am increasingly warming.

  3. Cathy says:

    Ok, Muse sorta show up this weekend. Came up with one strange poem, which I don’t blame the group if they don’t like it. It’s one those, what ? and yes, I’ll still keep it 🙂

  4. Laurie Kolp says:

    Hey… I’ve missed you guys!! April was too hectic for me, but now I’m back. Happy Sunday!

  5. WabiSabi says:

    Hello poets! This is my first whirl and I’m delighted to give it a try! Thanks for the challenge and all the poems you share every week! I’ve been visiting for a while but this is the first time I’ve taken the plunge into the whirling words, so to speak!

  6. JulesPaige says:


    I had a busy weekend – so while hubby is golfing this morning I added to my story verse. Enjoy.
    Now that April is over I might attempt a second verse… we’ll see.
    Have a wonderful Sunday and a great week everyone!

  7. Pamela says:

    Thanks, Brenda. I will be back later in the afternoon. We are off for the Cinco de Mayo parade. Viva Mexico! 🙂


  8. nan says:

    Been away for a couple of weeks. Looking forward to reading.

  9. brenda w says:

    Phew! It was hard to put those words to use again. I watched a video, and my poem is a video response to The Sandy Hook Promise. Len and I are off to the store for groceries…. I’ll make some rounds later today.

    Nice to see you all. 🙂

  10. Brenda, haven’t checked my email yet, but I was wondering if I could sign up for the list of bloggers who get the words on Sat. Sunday is a very loaded day for the pastor’s wife! THanks, and great words today! Amy

  11. Sabra Bowers says:

    I seem to be having problems leaving comments on other blogs this morning. Will come back later. Happy to be with you all this week. Wrote one last week, but it was too dark and I decided not to publish…too many dark ones in a row.

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