Wordle 104


Dear Wordlers,

Many of us have been here for two years now.  Hoot! Hoot!  Happy 2nd Anniversary to The Sunday Whirl.  Thank you for being here.  You make it whirl.

Here are your words. They came from my students’ fluency builders. Fluency builders are passages, poems, and single word lists that students read repeatedly.  The lists I pulled these from help students gain familiarity with sound spelling patterns. I’m anticipating good work.

See you soon,



23 comments on “Wordle 104

  1. Thank you for the words. Enjoy your lists. 🙂

  2. Cathy says:

    Whoa, two years with this crazy group 😉 I do remember that time too, right after Big Tent Poetry closed up.I was also hoping that this group would stick around too. 🙂 Brenda you are doing a wonderful job and I do hope you keep going with the group.

    I have two poems for the, this week and the one that was sitting in the corner, waiting for it’s fate to be decided. Well it’s out the corner now.

  3. GILLENA COX says:

    Have 2nd Anniversary to Sunday WHirl

    enjoying your Wordles

    much love…

  4. MarilynC says:

    Brenda, You wordy wordler………………mmmmmmmmmmmmis this what you told me to do???? Join this site???? OR……..did you encourage me to blog somewhere else?????Still trying to navigate the cyberworld …………focus….MC…………focus…….I don’t have a website either……..do I need one to write?????mmmmmmmmmmalways used my own lap top / paper / blunt crayola before!

  5. Veronica Roth says:

    Congratulations to you Brenda and to the two year whirlers! I’ve only been around for half that time but am so glad I found you all. 🙂

  6. Sabra Bowers says:

    Brenda, sorry I goofed and posted mine for today’s Whirl on last week’s linky. I tried to take it down, but couldn’t. I also posted it in the correct place. Happy anniversary and thanks for your inspiration.

  7. Pamela says:

    2 years, it is hard to believe. Happy anniversary, Brenda.


  8. Eric says:

    Here is my submission for this Wordle:


    Congrats on two years! Quite an accomplishment! 🙂 Eric

  9. nan says:

    Wow! Two years? Can it be? I am not sure I joined right at the beginning, but I don’t think it was long after the start. Congratulations! Thanks for the continued fun Brenda and all.It snowed this morning here for Ruination Day. I look forward to reading poems.

    • nan says:

      I just looked back . . . my first Wordles were over at Big Tent Poetry in 2010, and I started here at the Whirl with Whirl #11. How time flies! Or does it whirl?

      • brenda w says:

        Thanks for checking back, Nan. The first wordle I did was at Big Tent, too. They got me hooked. I figured if I loved it this much, so would others. It works! I’m glad you are here. We are expecting snow later today, too. April snow brings May’s glow? ha!

  10. julespaige says:

    Congratulations to Brenda on Two Wonderful Wordling years – my story verse is actually One Year Old today with this addition being the 52nd piece!

    I’m not sure when I started Wordling with you but I am so very glad to be a part of this fun writing community. Thanks to everyone – those who share every week and to those who have only added on piece. You all rock!


  11. Stan Ski says:

    Happy Anniversary… May there be many more!

  12. Nanka says:

    Renewed and rejuvenated here after an interruption but glad to be on time to celebrate the 2nd anniversary!! Mere gemstone symbols.are Silver, Gold and Diamond – Whirling on Sundays is fun forever Brenda!! 🙂 Happiness all over again!!

  13. pmwanken says:

    YAY!! Happy Anniversary! Brenda, I have had enjoyed 104 weeks of whirling with you. Thanks for you always-inspiring wordle lists. I was so late posting last week (not doing so until Friday) that I didn’t want to be late for the anniversary party this week! 🙂 (That, and difficulty sleeping, and I’m awake at 4am to post!) 😀

    • brenda w says:

      Thank you Paula! I am so happy that you continue to write with us. The evolution of your writing astounds me. You have a gift that you polish until it shines.

      • pmwanken says:

        Aw, thank you, Brenda! While I’m “two years old” in wordling, I’m only two and a half in writing poetry at all…it’s been a wonderful journey to be on, made all the better by being a part of such a fabulous cyber-circle of poet friends. ❤

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