wordle 97

97Dear Wordlers,

Marina Abramovic is a performance artist. A friend introduced me to her work this week, and I am fascinated. An Internet search will elicit info and there is at least one video available for instant view on Netflix if you search with her name.

The words came from my readings about Abramovic this week.

I’ll preview Mister Linky and hope for the best.



12 comments on “wordle 97

  1. DELL CLOVER says:

    Great (challenging) list of words, as always–thanks Brenda!

  2. Nia Ceridwyn says:

    Wow. This collection worked itself into a (somewhat rough) work about my path. Thank you!

  3. Gautami I really wanted to leave a comment but couldn’t get past your captcha. Tried four times and each time my comment was errased, so I’m afraid I gave up. Liked the whirl very much though. 🙂 Sorry.

  4. Pamela says:

    Well, I see Mr Linky is behaving. I have rewritten this piece some many times, I am not sure if I used all the words or not. Brenda, I am familiar with that artist. I read about her a few months ago. She is amazing. Thanks for all you do.


  5. Yay, found the words onthe FB page on Saturday and actualy had the time to write! So happy. Looking forward to reading everyone’s. 🙂

  6. nan says:

    Looking forward to seeing the source of the great words. I used most, and I thank them for the memory.

  7. A good selection. I look forward to reading some juicy pieces!

  8. brenda w says:

    Good morning friends and fellow poets. My muse has abandoned me. I’ll be trying to entice her this morning. We’ll see if something transpires. I love the words……something will come…

  9. julespaige says:

    Nice, Mr. Linky…I hadn’t even noticed until I saw Irene’s comment. Woo-hoo!

    The story verse is here:

    Still not sure if I can leave two links without having to wait in the ‘pending comment’ section.

    Be back later to read for this interesting list. Thanks Brenda. Have a great week everyone.

  10. Irene says:

    Good Sunday wordlers, Mr Linky is behaving!

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