wordle 87 ~ a baker’s dozen


Happy Sunday,

Having no time to get any shopping done, I took a personal day from school and Len and I did some Christmas shopping in Missoula.  Daughter Julie lives there, and the time spent was lovely.

At school, when I asked how many of them had stayed home because they needed a day off from school, not because they were sick, but because they needed to rest, or do something with their family, almost every student raised their hand.  Since I was going Christmas shopping, they asked me to get them something.  This game called You’ve Been Sentenced! screamed out at me from one of the holiday game kiosks in the mall.  We played on Friday.  It was worth the money spent.  Thyra asked me to bring it home so we could play this weekend.  Indeed.  The object of the game is to create sentences.  In my classroom, the only rule is that the sentence is grammatically correct.  We decided not to penalize for meaning……     yet.

Thyra and I played a round last night, and picked several words from our word cards.  The cards are pentagons with one word on each side. You get 10 cards. Each card gives the same word in different forms, or is filled with prepositions, articles, etc., for varying points from 0 to 20. The first person to 200 wins. FUN!  Your words are from our game.  May they work their way into something for each of us.



17 comments on “wordle 87 ~ a baker’s dozen

  1. scrappygrams says:

    I think the game sounds like fun, but wondering if I can get anyone to play it with me if I buy it.
    I am so confused as to when does one contribute to Wordle. Were these words for the 16th or for the 23rd?

  2. thisismyfirsttime with you, thanks for the great prompt. I’ve been inspired by your words and by my evening on Saturday. I’m off to read all your works now http://llmcalling.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/through-star-slicks.html. Emma

  3. Here’s mine http://porcelainlotusflower.blogspot.com/2012/12/the-sunday-whirl-wordle-87.html. I have been woefully uninspired to write for a few months now so I decided to sit down and force myself. Not sure how it turned out but at least I did it.

  4. Mama Pajama says:

    I had a really hard time with the words last week – they just wouldn’t speak to me, or maybe I was in no place to listen. either way, I might have been able to do a little something this week, but I’ll let you all be the judge of that…have a good week, all!

  5. That sounds like a great game,. I’ll keep my eyes open for it!

    But oh, these words, these words! In light of the week’s events, this is what came to mind.


  6. brenda w says:

    Have a great Sunday, everyone. My muse has abandoned me, and my parents blew into town for a surprise visit last night. I won’t be around today, but will catch up later in the week. Christmas vacation starts Friday!

  7. drpkp says:

    Dr. Pearl Ketover Prilik (PKP)December 16, 2012 8:57 AM
    Hi all – away in st Thomas – gorgeous as always but very sporadic Internet service – amazed I could post! Happy Sunday all 🙂


  8. JulesPaige says:

    Got two in this week – one for the Story Verse: ‘As The Whirl Turns’ continues it’s adventure with the Wordles guiding the direction -That’s Mr. LInky # 11


    For those looking for just a verse I had fun, but then I always do penning another vingette That’s in Mr. Linky #9

    Brenda thank you for the gift and challenge of Wordles. Enjoy your holidays everyone!

  9. The game sounds like a lot of fun.Glad you all enjoyed it 🙂 Can’t beat loving words.

  10. Laurie Kolp says:

    You are such a kind-hearted woman, Brenda.

    • brenda w says:

      Thank you, Laurie. I love my students. Our curriculum is direct instruction. It is rigorous. After every fifth lesson we get a game day. They were tired of Apples to Apples, and this game makes them work their grammar brains. The sentences are hilarious. We laughed a lot during play. Spending time with children is so worthwhile.

  11. Pamela says:

    Thanks, Brenda. An interesting group of words. Happy Sunday to all.


  12. barbara_ says:

    Sounds like fun.
    Happy holidays, All!

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