Wordle 82

Happy Sunday to you all!

This week’s words came from a poem I found on Poets.org. You can find it here.

Enjoy your morning rounds,



23 comments on “Wordle 82

  1. pmwanken says:

    FINALLY getting to this one!

    Thanks, as always, Brenda, for whirling out some inspiration week after week!

  2. Very nice wordle, Brenda! I’ve been away for a while, but here I am again 🙂

  3. Here I thought I was so prompt and would sure be one of the first, only to find myself all the way down to #33! Oh, well – it’s a good number. Enjoyed the wonderful words for this week’s Wordle! Thanks you, as always, for the challenge! It was a nice break from NaNoWriMo!


  4. My Wordle poem disappeared from my WordPress blog. AAAHH. Has this happened to anyone else ever? I’ve reposted it… and will create a new link on the linky. grrr.

  5. I combined the wordle with the PAD Challenge at Poetic Asides for extra effort… http://hopefuljo.wordpress.com/2012/11/11/365-creativity-project-day-307/

  6. JulesPaige says:

    Ackkk!!! Mr. Linky and links in general are running a foul this morning. So this is the best I can do.: Number 18 Takes you to Across the Pond a non-story verse poem you can find here:

    Number 19: Takes you to last weeks story verse title called Transformations – that I tried to delete, but it didn’t work.

    Number 20: Takes you to the lastest Story Verse: just because the list also worked for adding to the story. And you can find that here (if the link works):

    Thanks for the list and when frustration subsides I hope to be back for a little enjoyable reading.

  7. nan says:

    I can’t wait to see where these words took each of us. Off to read soon!

  8. margo roby says:

    Back in my usual spot of twelve, or thirteen! I may be later with comments. We are going out for breakfast with friends.

  9. barbara_ says:

    Stay warm. Or come visit (while it lasts)

  10. brenda w says:

    Good morning everyone! My muse went on vacation, she couldn’t take the Montana cold. Our outdoor thermometer reads 2 F,.or -16 C. I’m going to chase down my muse for a bit this morning, and may be back to post. It’s nice to see the Whirl whirling at 6:18 a.m. It makes me wish I had a contribution. Off I go with my fingers, afghan in lap, coffee to my right. 😉

  11. Thanks for the prompt words Brenda. Enjoyed them. Phantom and hollow just seemed to stand out 🙂

  12. Irene says:

    Hi Brenda in snowy Montana..

  13. vivinfrance says:

    Misky had trouble following my link, so I put in a new one. The second one works, I tried it!

  14. Enjoyed these words…as always! Thanks!

  15. 1sojournal says:

    The words seemed to want to go in opposite directions, so I let them. Hope everyone has a wonderful day,


  16. PJF Sayers says:

    Am I first? Well, that is something. I found these words quite challenging, but had to change some of their forms. But, I did use them all. Thanks, Brenda. See you all in the morning.


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