Wordle 81

Happy Sunday,

My husband and daughter provided these words in a quick session of word association before we went out to dinner with my parents. May the words feed your muses.



17 comments on “Wordle 81

  1. Veronica Roth says:

    I figure the word Sunday might have to be changed to “next Thursday” for my butterfly brain! Lol http://veronicaroth.com/?p=2143 Still determined to visit everyone else. 🙂

  2. Sara McNulty says:

    Soon as I saw these words, I knew what I would write about. MIne is up.

  3. Stan Ski says:

    Challenging words – got there in the end!

  4. Brenda, I am combining the wordle with the prompt on Poetic Asides, so it is a bit strange…

  5. seingraham says:

    Hah – out here in the west, missed all the excitement but love the words! Used them belatedly for one of Robert’s PAD prompts also (actually, he’s not supplying all of them this year – I think this one was put up by Joshua ….oops, I forget his last name)Mine’s up here:


  6. JulesPaige says:

    Brenda, I thought that your visit had somehow delayed the list…so I did my Sunday grocery shopping and after the bit of copy and pasting things in the right places I’m number 18! But then any number is a good number to be in the Whirling Community! 🙂

    Still adding to “As the Whirl Turns”…

  7. PJF Sayers says:

    Thanks for thew words, Brenda. I think I managed all of the words.


  8. I was checking too! So glad to see the words posted and what a good combination of words your husband and daughter came up with! Thanks!

  9. Lol….. I wondered if we all remembered to put the clocks back… I forgot.
    Hope you enjoyed your family visit Brenda.
    Have a good Sunday all.

    • brenda w says:

      It was a great visit, Bren. My mother promised Thyra a tattoo for her 16th birthday a long time ago. She had one selected last year, and her dad said no. We made her wait for a year, and she still wanted the same tattoo. So it is that Thyra received her first tattoo yesterday. It was a fun family event. The tattoo artist is a colleague of mine from school. She teaches English.

  10. Laurie Kolp says:

    I was too… glad everything’s okay!

  11. brenda w says:

    OOPS! I scheduled today’s post for noon instead of midnight. My apologies. I was quite surprised to arrive this morning and see nothing.

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