Wordle 80


Dear Wordlers,

This week’s words were lifted from these three images on my Facebook wall. My own piece is strongly political. I thought I’d warn you before you head in my direction. The third quote is by Mary Wollstonecraft, a champion of women’s rights.

I’m glad to be home this weekend, and am looking forward to coffee and your words in the morning.

See you soon,



27 comments on “Wordle 80

  1. drpkp says:

    Mhmmm not quite sure why .. but my poem Spun Sugar from last week did not post 😦

  2. Tania A says:

    Better late than never, right? Finally saw this and really loved the words, so I had to post mine.

  3. seingraham says:

    These words were hard for me … but the muse seems to be on hiatus lately so maybe it’s not the words at all – oh well, it is what it is …


  4. Here I am! Boy reading these words I had a hard time keeping my mind off of…um…sex (It’s a very PC poem though so don’t worry…lol) http://veronicaroth.com/?p=2100 It’s late on the West Coast so I’ll catch up with everyone’s tomorrow. Sending special love and strength to everyone on the East Coast.

  5. Krunal says:

    liked this prompt…the words damaged, single thread and bound are really powerful..

  6. Misky says:

    Here’s mine, just in time for Halloween! http://miskmask.wordpress.com/2012/10/29/bewitched/


  7. Stan Ski says:

    Had fun with this weeks words – they can be made to cover so much ground…

  8. Mama Pajama says:

    mine’s up – very short and none too sweet, but it’s what I have to say with so much else on my mind…thanks for letting me play along!

  9. Sara McNulty says:

    This seemed to flow for me. Thanks!

  10. Mr. Walker says:

    I’ve been mostly absent lately, and NaNoWriMo is about to start, so I’m not likely to be around for the next month. But you never know!


  11. nan says:

    I’ve been absent, but these words drew me right back in. Looking forward to reading what others wrote!

  12. brenda w says:

    I slept in this morning and woke to an active Whirl! My piece is out there, and I’m coming to take a look at yours.

  13. Laurie Kolp says:

    Mmm… I love me some Johnny Depp!


    • brenda w says:

      Me too, Laurie. Large disappointment in him rose when I found out he’d cheated. I told a friend about it, and she posted this pic and quote on my FB wall to help me get over it.

  14. JulesPaige says:


    Before looking at anything else I just take a deep breath. Then I take out my shoe horn and make ’em work. So for me adding to last weeks part 1 was…well it just was what was meant to happen.

    I hope to get some more reading in this week. Last week I had the Grandson over and now this week we might just loose power due to Sandy. If you are in her path – Stay safe!

    I didn’t have any problems with Mr. Linky… if there was a change I didn’t notice it. Cheers.

  15. Thank you for the words, Brenda…These melded fairly easily into a poem to describe a statue in my city…and also kind of neat I grew up next door to the artist! 🙂 Happy weekend!

  16. I missed where the linky was… Mine has to be one of the shortest wordles I’ve ever done 🙂
    Have a great Sunday.

  17. Robyn says:

    Really enjoyed this list! Thanks!

  18. Thank you Brenda for this collection. This time its a sort of ‘thinking dialogue’

  19. Irene says:

    Mr Linky’s gone..I noticed. Great words, Brenda. I hate the heat. *digressing*

    you must pass this way

  20. drpkp says:

    The mystic magic of a family birth this week obviously still lingered in the two poems that I wrote this early morning….http://www.drpkp.com/2012/10/spinning-sugar.html

  21. 1sojournal says:

    I found this list of words particularly powerful. Thank you, Brenda.


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