wordle 72

Happy Sunday,

These words are the second set generated at the Wordle Association party on Facebook.  Let them dance through your fingers onto your screen.  

See you soon,




22 comments on “wordle 72

  1. Gassed game a racing vibe along with shift and gear. So I went from there and wrote a song lyric of a race for your (love)life.

    The challenge was well composed during the melee. We done good!


  2. pmwanken says:

    When I read the early words on Friday…and then again on Saturday: nothing. Then tonight, in a matter of a few minutes they spilled onto the screen.

    Thanks, as always, Brenda, for all you do to keep us whirling!!

  3. Thank you so much for the wordle. I looked at it and was lost, then I found something. Hope you enjoy… http://hopefuljo.wordpress.com/2012/09/02/365-creativity-project-day-237/

  4. I wasn’t thrilled with “gassed” either, but that’s why it’s challenging. Mine is up, gassed and ready to go.

  5. I love the font and the white text on black background. Lovely presentation. Can’t wait to write for you this week. Will be tonight before I get a chance, though.

  6. seingraham says:

    These words did dance through my fingers for the most part as this poem came to me all of a piece as it were … I did change the tense of some of the wordle words I think but that had more to do with the immediacy of the poem (I liked it much better in present tense) than not being able to use them (not often the case, I assure you). Correct me if I’m wrong but we’re allowed to use versions of the words, yes? In any event, I really enjoyed these …


  7. patboutilier says:

    Dead Poet

    I’ve gassed the poet starving inside me,
    and given up hope of being
    the last, great, smooth, white number.
    I’ve shifted into final gear,
    stopped hip-hopping with the nine Muses
    and Mnemosyne, that old wise Mother.
    I’ve stripped bare all evidence of literary leanings,
    hit pause, refresh,
    and start all over.

  8. brenda w says:

    I used gasses instead of gassed… My piece was slow in coming, but it’s out there now. Thanks for being here, Wordlers. I’m so happy it’s a three day weekend. In a little while, I’m going in to school to go over some testing results with a colleague. We need to regroup some of our students. So, if I don’t stop by your blog to read today, rest assured I’ll see you tomorrow!

  9. patboutilier says:

    Printing out your weekly wordls to construct a “magnetic” poetry board for my husband’s Halloween costume. Lots of double-stick tape. And writing poems, of course. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. tmhHoover says:

    I thought gassed would give me trouble- instead I had to leave out refreshed. After writing my piece I need to be refreshed… what a bad vibe.

  11. Laurie Kolp says:

    “Gassed” became my anchor…

  12. anl4 says:

    Gassed was the hardest word for me to use…

  13. Mary says:

    Ha, I almost skipped gassed…but didn’t. Sure was tempting though.

  14. Gassed was a difficult one for me too but…da daaaaa… did it 🙂
    Have fun everyone and, a lovely Sunday!

  15. nan says:

    I was surprised where this took me. I frequently use “gassed” as an adjective to describe (myself or others) when someone is dead-tired. It wasn’t easy using all the words, but in the end, I did have fun with this and even decided to add hash tags into a poem for the first time.

  16. PJF Sayers says:

    I’ve managed to use all the words this week, even the word “gassed”, which was one of my words at the association. Thanks for what you do Brenda.


  17. veronicabalfourpaul says:

    Oh yes, that word ‘gassed’ got me, too. I had to cheat a little and used ‘gaseous’.

  18. The only word in the list that threw me was ”gassed,” but I managed to overcome my aversion to its harsh sound and incorporate it into a serviceable senryu. Thanks, Brenda, for providing these ”playthings” and this ”play space” week by week.

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