wordle 68

Dear Wordlers,

Here’s your list for the week.  Can you tell I spent some time on a houseboat?  We are still on vacation…but will be heading home today.  I’ll start making my rounds of your work on Tuesday. 

Write in good health,




29 comments on “wordle 68

  1. brenda w says:

    I’m back and posted something! My apologies for not tending to things here very well. The rest was enjoyed, and I have no plans for a absence for some time.

    It;s nice to see so many new faces. Welcome.

  2. thatmissr says:

    I’ve never done this before, but it was super fun! I did the Mister Linky thing (which was also new to me), but I’ll post the URL here, too, just in case.


  3. Marjory M Thompson says:

    First Wordle for me. Just found you today with help from friends in Poetic Blooms.
    Helpful that I am planning a seven day Ferry Boat ride very soon to Skagway, AK.
    I do not have a blog or web.

    On ship just as the ‘marrow’s here,
    Waiting, ‘hoist anchor’ will I hear,
    then stand beside the long port rail
    (As motor moves the ship, not sail,)
    and watch the shoreline sink away
    while wake spreads out over the bay.
    With born sea-legs, rough sea’s no hitch
    can easy flow with roll and pitch.
    Deck navigate without concern
    as moving first to bow then stern.
    No cell phone ring, so time to think,
    no computer, no WiFi link.
    A week of memories I’ll store,
    and if we sink, worry no more.
    By Marjory M Thompson, Aug.7, 2012

  4. claudsy says:

    Decided to take the plunge today, Brenda. Happy sailing to you. You’ll find my little attempt at:


    So enjoying everyone’s word journeys.

  5. Carol Steel says:

    This one was more of a difficult piece of work for me. Here is the link to my effort: http://carolsteel5050.blogspot.ca/2012/08/sympathy.html
    Thanks for posting the weekly wordle challenge; I do enjoy them.

  6. seingraham says:

    Great words, thanks Brenda – hope your vacation is going well … but for me, even on holiday sometime the darkness demands the page and so it goes …


  7. Veronica Roth says:

    Tried 17 times but the poem really, really wanted to be nautical! What’s a girl to do? 🙂
    Linked to people. http://veronicaroth.com/?p=1474

  8. Lots of boat words this time. 🙂 Sorry I’m just now finding time to read.

  9. pmwanken says:

    I’m finally getting a few minutes to read a few of the wordles…my apologies for being so absent the past couple weeks.

  10. anjuartwriter says:

    Dear Brenda
    I enjoyed writing these lines~ sharing my expressions

  11. Henrietta Choplin says:

    (I do not have a Blog, so, if I may, I will post this prose piece here)

    I sink to my marrow when you touch my space and wake me. Nothing stern about it, just a lovely link holding me steady, as I navigate the day’s challenges and rail against all negativity threatening to pitch my boat here and there as I search for a port in life’s storm, and, finding it in the distance, I stand atop the deck preparing to sink my anchor and climb up on land to go in search of what next is in store.

  12. rosross says:

    The maggots stirred in marrow

    store, to wake through rotting

    flesh, and link the hands

    of life and death upon

    the pitch of life.

    To navigate the ship of time,

    to sand on Soul’s port deck,

    and hold the rail of conscience,

    or sink on stern’s regret,

    before we do drop anchor,

    and ring the bell of death.

    SW 68 https://sundaywhirl.wordpress.com/2012/08/05/wordle-68/
    marrow, link, store, anchor, wake, navigate, stern, deck, pitch, sink, rail, port

  13. JulesPaige says:

    13 again, I am lucky! And it is only about 8:30am


    Cheers everyone. I do hope to read more of you this week and even go back to last week…

  14. The obvious nautical overtones rules the day. Safe voyages, Brenda.


  15. PF Anderson says:

    Glad to hear you are safe and enjoying yourselves, Brenda. What a group of words, whew! Happy Sunday all!


  16. Glad you’ve had such a great time Brenda. Safe trip home.
    Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

  17. Fourth! Good grief!

    Thanks Brenda; I had fun with this one.

  18. Irene says:

    Yes we could tell! Love the vacation pics, Brenda.

  19. vivinfrance says:

    First? Wowee. Cheers!

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