wordle 55


This week’s words were lifted from the pages of my daughter’s Teen Vogue magazine.

Write on, dear Wordlers,


26 comments on “wordle 55

  1. Great words this week! Definitely a challenge, but one that helped free up my muse just a bit.

  2. Oh, Brenda, that was SO much fun!! Thanks a bunch everyone for playing!

  3. Good choice of challenging words, Brenda. I have just posted mine.

  4. daphnepurpus says:

    I am currently on a quilting marathon to make 8 quilts in 38 days so I can give one to each of our Student Link (Vashon’s alternative high school) graduates, so obviously my thoughts are with quilting and that’s where these words took me. I am calling it a day but hope to read lots of the other wordles tomorrow! A pleasure as always to play along!

  5. pmwanken says:

    Lovely words…ones that fell quickly into place. Which is good…I have little time as I am readying to leave for my stepfather’s memorial service. Not sure how much I’ll be able to read this week, either. (Didn’t make the rounds last week. 😦 ) Thanks, as always, Brenda.

  6. Hello All, I apologize that I don’t often manage to reply to all of your wonderful poems. I am not savvy to a lot in computerdom, but I am learning and will get better. This is such a supportive community and I want to support you all too. Thank you for your wonderful support.

  7. Liked this set of words, too. Mixed my metaphors at the end, but thought I’d just pretend I’d meant to do that 🙂
    Thank you!

  8. Mary says:

    Happy Sunday, everyone. I have noticed that sneaky WordPress technique too.It is so annoying…and so hard to always remember to UNcheck!

  9. It so happened that this week’s words perfectly suited what I wanted to write about for “View From The Side’s” Weekend Theme, called “Birth.” The synchronicity is wonderful, and best of all, I could do posts sin one! Thanks!


    I’m still loving working on these Wordles. Sometimes I’m more successful than others, but it is a great exercise and it helps me with either my Sunday posting or my regular Monday meme – “Monday Joy,”

  10. A romantic interlude under cobalt skies… Great Challenging Words!!!


  11. Seems I am not alone, I love the word “cobalt”. Thanks for the words, Brenda. Happy wordling to all!


  12. Mr. Walker says:

    I was going to make a corny joke about poetry being out of vogue, but I don’t think I will. Thanks, Brenda. I liked these words this week.


  13. tmhHoover says:

    Thank you Brenda and Teen Vogue. What is about the word cobalt that is so wonderful?

  14. Laurie Kolp says:

    I’ll be the first to “like” these words… they were so challenging!

  15. margo roby says:

    If some of you are getting more notifications in your inbox than usual, wordpress is trying a sneaky [maybe they are trying to be helpful…]. They have pre-ticked the little box that says notify me of follow-up comments in almost every blog I have visited today. You will need to untick it.

    • b_y says:

      Ah. That explains it.

    • I just noticed that today, but I’m certain not everybody has! It is sneaky – especially if you have an overstuffed in-box, as I do. Besides, you can read all the comments in your “Comments I’ve made” line on the dashboard. Why was this necessary? Oh well. . .one more thing to do when commenting!

  16. margo roby says:

    Like the words. Also, especially fond of cobalt. What a great sound. Shall start the rounds 🙂

  17. Marianne says:

    Great words! Loved cobalt! Happy Sunday wordling!

  18. brenda w says:

    Good morning. Coffee cup in hand, the reading is about to begin. 🙂

  19. I liked these words and wanted to do something to include the super moon with them, so, I did 🙂
    Thank you Brenda’s daughter and Brenda.
    Happy wordling all.

  20. julespaige says:

    Another chance to continue a theme…and I wrote it last night so I could post it before going to work this morning…and still there are several before me – I think perhaps some of you forgo sleep 🙂 I’m Mr.Linky #7 but you can also find my piece here:

  21. 1sojournal says:

    Found this list a bit difficult to deal with and almost decided not to even try it. Glad I changed my mind.


  22. Hi … woke and thought I would post and sleep in later this morning… computer a little glitchy.. I was also going to post with different spacing but cannot… soooo this will have to do for now.. Okie dokie going to read what is here and back to sleep perchance to dream 🙂
    Enjoy the morning.. (or whatever part of the day is blinking for you out your window).

  23. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    I like where you lifted the words from, although I’m not sure that I like what I’ve done with them!

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