wordle 51

Dear Wordlers,

For those of you who celebrate, Happy Easter. To all of us, Happy NaPoWriMo. We’re here, starting week two. I selected this week’s words from a poem by Joy Harjo, Equinox.

A couple of you e-mailed me privately about commenting this week.  I’ll keep it simple: as a standard rule of courtesy, if someone comments on your poem, visit their work, too.

Happy writing….I hope that some of you can create something hopeful with these dark words.  My piece doesn’t have much hope this week.

Happy Poeming,




26 comments on “wordle 51

  1. tara linda says:

    Mine is WAY late…;) thnx!

  2. First time wordle-er!! Great fun, thank you!

  3. This is the first time I’ve used ‘Mr Linky’ and so I’m curious if it has worked. I loved the selection of words, they brought up some old stuff… as you can see in my blog for wordles and other wordy stuff: veronicabalfourpaul.blogspot.com

  4. James says:

    Great words. I was able to use a few to create a ghazal.

  5. I’ve moved over to WordPress and used this wordle for my first new post there. …such dark words this week.

  6. Happy Monday, all. Dark words are easier for me to use than lighter ones. Mine is up.

  7. JulesPaige says:

    Okey dokey #3 for Wordle #51 ‘lighter fare’ 🙂 Please see Mr. Linky or



  8. EJ says:

    Thanks again for a bunch of great words to play with! Hoping everyone had a happy Easter 🙂

  9. Mr. Walker says:

    Just back home from being at my grandmother’s for Easter. Great words this week!


  10. There’s a glimmer of hope at the end of mine, I think. Otherwise it’s a bit dark again.

  11. I think I almost managed hopeful, but then the title, I just realized, kind of did in the hope… Maybe, I’ll rethink the title. Thank you for the words!

  12. This was a good one. Happy Easter!

  13. daphnepurpus says:

    Many thanks as always for the challenge and these were certainly challenging words!

  14. markwindham says:

    hopeful, if not happy. Thanks as always for the words.

  15. JulesPaige says:

    You can see my post through Mr. Linky or here:

    Sort of a two-fer An Elfje – which by itself could be hopeful…but
    You can find out more about the Elfje form here:

    And one possible take on an explanation of that Elfje …though there could be a few … Warning: The ‘Destiny’ is a ‘dark’ piece – just flew out of the words – nothing in my reality – just from perhaps ages past or even the present news.

    If there is a challenge to find a light piece out of this list… I shall take it up! But I just don’t have it now…

    Happy holidays to all – it is and continues to be a pleasure to read and contribute here. Thank you, Brenda

  16. Oops – didn’t read you were looking for hopeful ’til after I’d posted … sorry. Might try for hopeful later but I don’t very often do upbeat; it’s not in my nature I guess. Right now, “At Dusk” a definite
    downer is here:


  17. vivinfrance says:

    Brenda, I really appreciate all that you give to us with these wordle prompts. I just couldn’t raise anytthing from these – I don’t need dark at the moment! Maybe later in the week.

  18. Pseu says:

    It was a challenge to give this poem some hope with all those words!

  19. nan says:

    Thanks for a good challenge to create a hopeful poem this morning!

  20. Thanks Brenda!
    Happy Easter/Sunday to you all. Yes, the words were quite dark and I doubt it too many of us can write something bright and cheerful but then, life isn’t always light and cheerful, is it?
    Happy wordling wordlers 🙂

  21. b_y says:

    I tried everything short of upside down to see if I could get upbeat out of this group of words, but, boy were they stubborn.
    Hope everyone has a fine day.

    I have not been able to read anywhere lately, so I won’t be adding my links until I’m better.

  22. brenda w says:

    I was going to post at midnight, but I fell asleep this morning. Happy Easter. May you find joy today and every day. Although you won’t find joy in my poem, I am a happy woman. 🙂

    Life is good. Writing poetry with all of you makes it better.

    • irene says:

      Brenda, your comment to my poem made me feel helluva better, couldn’t have come at a better moment. I vacillate, between happy and sad a lot.

  23. Happy Easter to all who celebrate, and if not, happy Sunday!


    • magicalmysticalteacher says:

      I’ll take all the happiness I can get, thank you! I am especially happy to be here with fellow Wordlers this wonder-filled Easter morning! 🙂

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