wordle 50

Happy Sunday Wordlers,

This week’s words showed up in my inbox with a note from Richard Walker who delights us with his blog, Sadly Waiting for Recess. Thank you for the inspiration, Richard.

“Here are some words I thought we could try for The Sunday Whirl. They’re all multiple-meaning words, words that can be both nouns and verbs. I’m just curious to see how everyone uses them in their poems.”

I am curious, too.

Happy writing,



21 comments on “wordle 50

  1. ms pie says:

    you know i really enjoy participating but always falling behind… regardless it is an endless challenge i enjoy…

  2. Jacqueline Cardenas says:

    Enjoyed playing with this one. Thanks for getting me thinking. Congrats!

  3. Good grief! Did ever go in a weird direction with this one! 😆 Be assured – I tagged it as “fiction!”

  4. JulesPaige says:

    I’ve had a second go, JulesPaige #2 in Mr. Linky or here:



  5. Word Gold! congratulations. Richard, interesting choice of words. I love the fact that each can be used in different forms. Thanks Brenda, mine is up.

  6. JulesPaige says:

    Happy 50th! Thank you Richard and Brenda.

    I had fun with this list! You can go to JulesPaige via Mr. Linky or here:


    I hope to be back tomorrow to read. 🙂

  7. Pseu says:

    Here you go! I missed out a couple of words…

  8. Happy anniversary, Brenda! Thanks for the words, Richard, (even though they were difficult).


  9. Mr. Walker says:

    Brenda, thanks so much for using the words I suggested. I’m eager to read poems today. Thanks, as always, for the wordles. Happy poeming everyone.


  10. Happy Wordling all. Congrats on the 50 🙂
    Thanks for the prompt Brenda and for the words, Richard.

  11. margo roby says:

    Thank you, Brenda and Happy Anniversary to the Wordles.

  12. nan says:

    Kicking off NaPoWriMo… and celebrating nearly a year of this great site! Thanks, Brenda!

  13. jadepagepress says:

    Kicking off NaPoWriMo . . . and celebrating nearly a year of this great site. Thanks, Brenda!

  14. Laurie Kolp says:

    Enjoyed these words– happy poetry month!!

  15. brenda w says:

    Thank you for the anniversary wishes! We’ve been wordling for almost a year now. 🙂

  16. tmhHoover says:

    Thanks for to Brenda and Richard for pet friendly set of words. Have a great Sunday.

  17. irene says:

    I like that you’re both curious Brenda. 🙂 I’m likewise curious.

  18. anjum wasim dar says:

    Congratulations Brenda- 50th Wordle Golden One

  19. vivinfrance says:

    Congratulations on the golden wordle anniversary!

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