wordle 45

Dear Wordlers,

This week I picked the words from thin air. I hope you have fun with them.



32 comments on “wordle 45

  1. tara linda says:

    I’m a bit late…traveling, but finally posted. I enjoyed this one.
    😉 thank you!!! tara

  2. Irene says:

    My brain is coddled much of the week, with fever, so I’m sorry for not visiting.

  3. whimsygizmo says:

    Great words, much fun to play with. Thank you!

  4. The wordle words told me another quite sad tale this week, but enjoyed whipping them into shape!

  5. seingraham says:

    These words “spoke” to me almost immediately … I love when that happens. Thanks Brenda.

  6. With all the hikers getting lost on Mt. Hood and elsewhere, this flowed quickly for me. It’s up!

  7. Janet says:

    what fun this collection was…so many possibilities:) Thank-you!

  8. Every once in a while, prose rears its head… in this case, a true story from my mom about The Bad Old Days of moving before the rent man came ’round. Great wordle, Brenda. I think the air from which you picked these words was quite rich! Amy

  9. b_y says:

    late for the party, and messed up the link.

  10. anjum wasim dar says:

    I invoked my muse-I think I need some time to recover the creativity of poetry.I have been following the Wordles but could not form anything.Last night some thoughts came …a divine help…not me…really

  11. JulesPaige says:

    Sorry I think I posted twice in Mr. Linky… maybe not.
    I’ve had this idea since last week, and just waited for the words… I think Brenda made the list just for me 🙂
    And now I’ve been able round ‘aboutly’ (ok that isn’t a word) to connect all of the mermaid poems. But the story they say is only just beginning…

    I shall have to come back tomorrow for reading others – hope your Sunday was great!

  12. Pseu says:

    that was a hard one!

  13. Cathy says:

    I’ll post mine, soon as a I come up with another ending. Wants something different.

  14. Mr. Walker says:

    Wrote this yesterday. Inspired by a video I watched with my students this past week.


  15. Jennifaye says:

    Here’s what I wrote: a trip to the museum of modern art. Happy to wordle.

  16. I am not particularly happy with mine. For words plucked from the thin air, mine seem to be floating on the page as well. Everything is a draft, right? Happy Sunday to all!


  17. anl4 says:

    And that is how they fell into place, “in thin air.” Thanks.

  18. margo roby says:

    Earlier than usual and still there are ten of you!

  19. brenda w says:

    No poem for me this week, an odd little story came through, instead. I hope you enjoy it, and as always, I’m glad you are here.

  20. Nice words Brenda, I was able to conjour something up with them.
    Happy wordling, wordlers 🙂

  21. Mary says:

    Have a good Sunday, Wordlers!

  22. poetryshack says:

    Yay! My first wordle post! Thanks for wordling everyone.

  23. irene says:

    Words plucked from thin air turn into chrysalis.

  24. viv blake says:

    Wow – first again, but only because I was totally uninspired and wrote a load of …….

  25. tmhHoover says:

    Looking forward to these words!

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