wordle 43

Dear Wordlers,

My husband is a fan of the true crime genre.  He was reading on Thursday night, and I asked him for 12 random words.  The words above are the words he fed me.  Enjoy them.

Write in good health,



39 comments on “wordle 43

  1. Jennifaye says:

    Happy to be back working on the wordle again. 🙂 Thanks for the prompt.

  2. JulesPaige says:

    OK I think I followed directions… so you should find my piece for this Wordle when you click on my icon.

    I try to write my piece before looking at what others have come up with. I also like to mix things up from different view points. In “Looking For Lois” I ended up using all the Wordles in the first two verses… but I always like to tell a complete story. Enjoy! ~ Jules

  3. Anya Padyam says:

    Not sure if my link showed up 🙂 anyway… made an attempt

  4. Wow, this one took me a while, these were a challenge to get all into the same poem! Ended up going a bit dark (not a big surprise there) and definitely not something I expected to stumble into on Valentine’s Day.

  5. seingraham says:

    Congratulations to your team Brenda! What a feat!
    These were challenging words but made me think of this particular crime right from the get-go and as you can see, it’s a, “redux” or part 2 – I’ve written about these babies before … My recently retired husband used to see them on his way to work before the sun was quite up actually and found it unbelievably upsetting – both that girls so young would already be in the life, and that men of all ages would be taking advantage of them …
    My poem’s here this week, on the blog IN MY NEXT LIFE:

  6. arrrgh . . I thought I was grinding my teeth with this one. I made it though!
    thanks once more for the wordlings

  7. tmhHoover says:

    I need to subscribe to your blog…. I never remember to check until Monday. Thanks to you husband for sharing his words. Sometimes I can see why it is easier to be a reader…

  8. These words played with my heart and plunged me into a dark place. But I think I found the switch to lighten it all up with one flick just like it happen in real life sometimes. Thanks for the challenge Brenda.

  9. whimsygizmo says:

    I’ve been Wordlin’ for a couple of weeks now, and loving it. Can’t wait to dig into these words when I have time tomorrow. Would love to join the “Wordlers” blog roll, too, if only to see mine next to those of some of my favorite modern poets. 😉 How do I join the gang?

    Thanks for all your great word prompts, Brenda. I love prompts of any kind, but the Wordles get me moving faster than anything else!

    De Jackson (whimsygizmo)

  10. pmwanken says:

    I think this is the first time I left one of the words unused. I just couldn’t work it in. I’ve been stuck on the “shadorma” form for a while now, and these words kept wanting to stay in that form! So…with only 26 syllables to work with, “belt” had to go.

    Hopefully, by posting (late!) Sunday night, I’ll be able to have time to read some of your poems sooner than later this week!

    Have a great week, all!

    And Brenda…thanks for 43 straight weeks of great poeming fun!!

  11. Love crime novels and love these words! Mine is up.

  12. Cathy says:

    Oh I just love it when a poem all suddenly pulls together 🙂 Landed up writing a long one too.

  13. daphnepurpus says:

    I enjoyed the challenge of these words and decided on a short flash fiction format. Hope that is ok and as always thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Janet says:

    First attempt ended up being much more serious than I had planned…go figure. you never can tell where a group of words will lead! Second attempt completely frivolous:)

  15. Janet says:

    So THAT’S where this motley crew of words came from…this is going to be a fun challenge. I so badly want to read what others have been inspired with but I never let myself until I have attempted one myself, so that the thought line is completely original. Yes, thank him for being a sport and for amusing/challenging us this Sunday.

  16. Marianne says:

    Your husband is a good sport! Please thank him. Does he write? Or just enjoy reading, like my husband! If I can’t find him, he’s usually got his nose in a book. He prefers James Patterson, John Sandford and John Grisham.

    • brenda w says:

      Len can write, and I encourage him, but he prefers reading. Len reads true crime, mountaineering/outdoor adventure, current political, and political history books. I think he should start his own political blog. I’d be an avid follower. 🙂

  17. brenda w says:

    The speech meet was a great success. One of our debate teams placed first and will go to Nationals in Indianapolis with their coach in June. It is a team with a senior and a sophomore boy. We’re all excited for the reputation our team is gaining. Last night we went to a restaurant in Butte after the meet for a final sit down meal together. This is only my second year coaching, but it’s one of the finest jobs I’ve ever had. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, working with these students gives me hope for our world’s future. They are an amazing team.

    I posted a link to my poem, and am heading to your cyber homes to read yours, now. 🙂

    Practice kindness, and it will come back to you. Have a great week!

  18. Good morning everyone … just made it into Sunday morning (here ) Had our biggest storm of the winter to shovel out from under. Mine’s up now. Great words Brenda, they seemed to fit into the ‘thieves’ wordle I had wanted to use for it today. Thanks to your hubby for providing them. Happy wordling all.

  19. Laurie Kolp says:

    This week I placed the words in a French Ballade… very challenging. It’s on my wordpress blog.


  20. Interesting words, but “customers” was a bear! I stuck it in the title, and I hate doing that, *sigh*. Thanks for the words as always.


  21. Mr. Walker says:

    Probably the earliest I’ve ever posted, but now I get the words on Friday. Thanks, Brenda. Looking forward to reading lots of poems over the next couple of days.


  22. b_y says:

    I tried to use these words in a French Ballade. Boy, was that a mistake. Much better when I went where they wanted to go.

  23. Mary says:

    These words were hard for me this time! But I did manage to find a place for all of them! Have a good week, Wordlers.

  24. Irene says:

    Thanks to Len, the words fit like magic.

  25. Pseu says:

    I have posted one too… the link at first wasn’t accepted… but seems to have gone through now

  26. viv blake says:

    Drat it, I thought my link hadn’t posted, so now it’s there twice. Doh! I liked these words, but not what I did with them.

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