wordle 38

Happy Sunday Wordlers,

This week’s words were inspired by the poem Butterflies over the Golden Mustard Fields, by Thich Nhat Hanh. As an both an advocate for peace and an avid reader of books on Buddhist philosophy, I began reading Thich Nhat Hanh’s Buddhist works many years ago. It was not until last year, that I found the book call me by my true names, a volume of his poetry. The book has historical significance as many of the poems were written during the Vietnam War. It has become a favorite tome.

The words surprised me with my piece this week. I hope some of you found a few surprises, as well.

Write in good health,


28 comments on “wordle 38

  1. JulesPaige says:


    I think I posted this over at Margo’s Wordgathering… I was going back trough the Wordles’ for a list I hadn’t used. I thought this was another mermaid verse, but it is not. However I did use the list…
    Enjoy ~J

  2. Nita says:

    Thanks for such a fun set of words. This is my first time here but I know I will be back. I really had fun doing a bit of writing and am looking forward to reading what others have written now that I finished this challenge. Hope and smiles to all.

  3. pmwanken says:

    This being my busiest week at work AND I have family visiting from out of state…I’m surprised it’s only Tuesday evening that I’m finally posting my link! (…another 30 minutes and it would have been Wednesday, though!)

    As always…I enjoy writing to the wordle prompt…but I apologize in advance for not getting any time to visit blogs this week to read your wonderful offerings! I’ll try to catch up in a couple weeks when things are back to “normal.”


  4. Ruth says:

    Great selection of wordle words. That is such a gorgeous poem by Thich Nhat Hanh… and I love the title of the book from which it is taken

  5. Janet says:

    Wonderful selection of words! Now that I’ve posted I can’t wait to read!

  6. nan says:

    The original poem is a gift. It was fun to play with some of the words.

  7. b_y says:

    oh, I like the banner wordle.

  8. b_y says:

    Nice word set. Gave me a second poem. Can’t beat that.

  9. This one was a true challenge. Mine is on my blog under “Sunday Wordles”

  10. Peggy Goetz says:

    Glad to be back to writing wordles after getting distracted over the holidays.

  11. Walt says:

    Whew! That surely put a strain on my brain, and it was much need. Thanks for these challenges, Brenda.

  12. I’m happy to know I wasn’t the only one wrestling with thatched from this wordle. Ended up with kind of a dark poem, but at least there’s a little bit hope at the end.

  13. S.E.Ingraham says:

    Another interesting group of words Brenda – thanks so much. I like that I’m getting to stretch my poetic muscles in so many directions lately. Bravo to you also for attempting Joseph Harker’s challenge – seeing your post has actually given me the courage to post my second try … lol

  14. Traci B says:

    Terrific wordle, Brenda.

  15. markwindham says:

    Thanks for the prompt; could pull several more out of that poem….

  16. I finally am done fighting with “thatched”, a seemingly impossible word not to use in the obvious. Thanks for the words, Brenda.


  17. Lovely mix of words. Can’t wait to see what I come up with.

  18. Hi everyone,
    I posted mine a little too soon..I immediately noticed a rather embarrassing mistake, and had to delete the post. It’s up again now. Sorry about that. 🙂

  19. margo roby says:

    Your page looks lonely without the long list of comments. It’s odd to think of our comments whirling [;-)] around somewhere, untethered except through Mr. Linky.

    Thank you for these words.


  20. Hi Brenda, the weeks seem to fly by. Mine’s up.
    Thank you,

  21. Laurie Kolp says:

    Your wordle challenges always surprise me, Brenda.

  22. Irene says:

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful poem, Brenda.

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