Wordle 33

Dear Wordlers,

This week’s words are challenging. Grapple with them. Let them seep into your pores. Rise to the words. This dozen showed up in my inbox from Laurie Kolp. I gulped, then had at them. It’s always fun to mold words into something, and while trivet and vanilla were hard for me, I worked them into my piece.

Thank you Laurie, for making us stretch this week. One of Laurie’s Internet homes is Bird’s Eye Gemini.  Be sure to check out her work this week.



31 comments on “Wordle 33

    • brenda w says:

      Bruce, it’s good that you found the Whirl. The first line of December grabbed me, and it didn’t disappoint.

      Congrats on your acceptance into Piercy’s workshop. What a thrill…keep writing Whirls, so we read more, and hear about your workshop experience. 🙂

      • seingraham says:

        Brenda – I notice many poets post their link here – is that the usual practise? Or once you’re a registered wordler, do the other poets know automatically where to look for you poems? How do you know you’re registered/? Does your blog show up in the sidebar? Sorry for all the questions … it’s just me … curious and nosy.

  1. What a great whirl!!! ♥

    • seingraham says:

      I think I’m linked – I hope so … I’ve loved wordles ever since I tried Big Tent’s prompts earlier this year … I’ll give these a shot and post and see if my link took. Thanks for the invite … or to whomever gave me the link (I think it was either Laurie or Amy but don’t blame them – t could’ve been anyone!)

      • brenda w says:

        Big Tent introduced me to wordles, too. I fell in love with them, started creating them for myself, and the Whirl was born during Napowrimo 11. It’s experiencing a boom right now….the soup is getting spicier! Welcome, I’m glad you found your way.

  2. Mike says:

    Some great words, but not easy!
    Went for a Christmas story.

  3. nan says:

    I’m back after a week off. This was a fun challenge.

  4. I combined the Poetic Bloomings prompt, tradition, with these words. It’s funny how you look back on certain memories and find the humor in them – when at the time, they seemed quite contentious! Amy

  5. siggiofmaine says:

    Awesome…thanks for sharing. Absolutely awesome.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine

  6. Had a great time with these words, but the resulting poem has left me a little bit hungry…

  7. Bruce Niedt says:

    I love prompts like these! I try to give myself the additional challenge of using an average of one word per line. I also like what I call the “iPod Challenge”: Take the next five song titles from a shuffled playlist on your MP3 player, CD changer, radio station, or whatever, and incorporate them into a poem.

    Should I post my Wordle poem here?

  8. Bruce Niedt says:

    I love challenges like this! I always try the additional challenge of writing a poem that uses an average of one of the words per line. I also like what I call the “iPod Challenge”: Take the next five song titles from a random shuffle on your mp3 player, CD changer, radio station, or whatever, and incorporate them into a poem.

    Should I post my Wordle poem here?

  9. Janet says:

    I’m sorry for my double-post…it somehow re-posted my first poem as I attempted to post the second. Thank-you for your patience.

  10. A first attempt at this venue. A great grouping of words Laurie. And a great place to post, Brenda. Find mine here:


    Hope to get the ambition to make this a regular Sunday stop.

  11. This must be a first for me, I actually have something written before 8 in the evening. Thanks for the words, Laurie, and thanks for being here, Brenda.


  12. Kelly E. says:

    Hi all – wow, this is the first time in a long time that I managed to use all of the words. Thank you Brenda and Laurie.

  13. vivinfrance says:

    I tried to make a Wordle badge wordle, but Wordle refused to show my text on the grounds that it endangered the security of my computer. So you will have to do without my wordles of wisdom.

  14. Mary says:

    Always enjoy the challenge, Brenda (and Laurie this week)! I always manage to write something that surprises myself from the wordle words!! This week was no exception. Have a good week, everyone.

  15. Good morning. Woke early wrote the Wordle on my IPAD and then went over to the Sunday Whirl and WOW LAURIE!!!! Hahaha was so excited to see that they were your words that I did not initially link to today’s poem! So sorry for the double posting all. YAY LAURIE… they were a “head-full!” Good going 🙂

    Agree with the logo. Wordling has become my Sunday morning delight! 🙂
    Thanks to Brenda and today to LAURIE KOLP

  16. Hi Brenda, Sunday seems to come around so quickly! Thanks for the prompt words. Mine’s up.
    I wish we had a wordle ‘logo’ I added the Sunday whirl to my side bar and just hacked at one you had up as the picture, hope that’s ok as there is no ‘official’ wordle pic! Maybe someone can creat one for us all?

  17. Janet says:

    Can’t Wait!


  18. Laurie Kolp says:

    Thanks, Brenda. My poem is on my Conversations with Laurie blog this week.


  19. Traci B says:

    What a fun challenge to tackle on my return from NaNoWriMoLand. 🙂 This set took me into nostalgia and the kitchen; hope you like my confection.

  20. b_y says:

    Mine needs polish, but I like the idea the words gave me.

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