Wordle 29

Greetings Wordlers,

This week’s words came from the Random Word Generator. Assonance and consonance guided my word choice. Nouns, verbs, and adjectives round out Wordle 29.  Enjoy the words, they appear to be up for anything.  You all make them sing, dance, and drop us into dark places.  Your words matter, and I am thankful that you share them here.

If you get the early words, you know that I was at a speech meet today. I coach on the team and it was our first meet of the season. My daughter and her duo partner placed 5th with an oral interpretation piece. They placed third in two of their rounds. It was TL’s first meet (ever!), and I’m proud of her and of her partner.  Her partner is her best friend, and was on the team last year, as well. Our city hosts a two-day meet next Friday and Saturday.  I’ll get the wordles done, but if I’m not around commenting, I apologize.  Also, If you want to receive the early words, I send them out Friday nights, usually around 7 or 8 Mountain Standard Time.  Drop me an e-mail (it’s in the sidebar), and I’ll include you in the mailings.

Write in good health,


Jillybilly and TL

20 comments on “Wordle 29

  1. The wordle spoke to me of the creative process of my daughter’s artwork. So happy to write something about her for the Whirl! Thanks, Brenda. Amy

  2. tara linda says:

    Congrats to your daughter & friend! Very cool.

    At first this wordle looked like all the charge around Oakland protests now- but
    I just couldn’t go there for another week, another poem.
    so This one was way more fun… thank you!

  3. Kelly E. says:

    Hi Brenda and everyone – this one took me a while, but I’m pretty happy with the result. I loved these words! Wasn’t able to use all of them, so I’ll save the others in my little word box for future use. :I prefer not to force them; if that is cheating, so be it. 🙂

    Congrats to your daughter on the speech meet – that is wonderful! As a person who suffers from a fear of public speaking, I admire that ability!

  4. nan says:

    I didn’t want to write about war, but I couldn’t seem to get around it.

  5. lee says:

    This is my first time…seems like so much fun!

    Well done to your daughter and her buddy, too!

    Nice to meet you all!

  6. Brenda, your daughter is a doll. A big congrats to her and her friend. This is a piece I started last week and the wordle words fit in it perfect.


  7. pmwanken says:

    I first found these words to be a challenge…but was able to write something using all twelve words. And then something crazy happened…the words wouldn’t let go of me! So I wrote another. I think this is the first time I’ve used all twelve words twice. So…I posted my second poem here, as well.

    (And Brenda…I’ll add my well wishes and congrats to you, your daughter, and all…and wish you continued success. AND FUN! 😉 )

    ~ Paula

  8. Congratulations Brenda for Your daughter and her friend.More inspiration for all writers and wish you and your team success and happiness all the way.My contribution:

  9. This was a true challenge. I had to leave the building for this one.

  10. Congratulations to you and your daughter. How delight-FULL 🙂

    Thank goodness for The Sunday Whirl … Has been a FULL week with some anthology work, and trying to get NaNo and PAD in …
    but nothing would keep me from the sheer delight I take in these Wordles.. they have become cool water on a hot brain…

    THANK YOU BRENDA … and to all please forgive me if I have not arrived at your site to comment or to mine to thank you for your comments, if you come across another one of those writers with a head that has a decidedly “November squeezed in a vise” appearance …. that would be me… or perhaps you! 🙂

  11. Peggy Goetz says:

    How fun to have your daughter participate in the team you coach. So the team has a uniform? As usual I enjoy the wordles.

  12. Paula says:

    Another fun wordle.

  13. 1sojournal says:

    Congrats to your daughter and the team. This wordle seemed to have a lot of synchronicity wrapped around it. Thanks Brenda,


  14. brenda w says:

    Thank you all for your congratulations, and well wishes. The meets are fun for the students and coaches. We’re building a bigger team right now. It’s exciting, and there is some talent and dedication in the bunch. That’s a winning combination.

    I wrote a short piece on the bus yesterday (at dawn). It’s typed, edited and up now at undercaws.

  15. Laurie Kolp says:

    Congratulations to your beautiful daughter! The words this week were VERY challenging!


  16. Nanka says:

    All good wishes to you and your team!! Have a great start to the new week, and hope it ends well too on a high note!!
    My contribution for The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle #29 is up!!

  17. b_y says:

    Yea! Team!
    (I cheated a smidgin on the wordle)

  18. Thank you Brenda-The wordles are a great inspiration to write but other commitments and my health has kept me away-Yet my poetic spirit is trying to make a comeback.

  19. Susannah says:

    Congratulations to your daughter and her friend (what lovely smiles!) and very well done to you too.

    I wasn’t sure if I would be participating in the wordle as I am taking part in nanowrimo this month, but here I am. 🙂

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