wordle 156

Dear Wordlers,

This post marks three years of The Sunday Whirl. Thank you for your continued support and participation. You all keep it whirling.


wordle 155

Dear Wordlers,

With NaPoWriMo in full swing, I hope you are finding fodder for your words. Here is a dozen from Barbara Yates Young. Thanks again, Barb, for your contributions to The Sunday Whirl. You are definitely easing my burden.

Write on,


wordle 151

jelly_w (1)Dear Wordlers,

These 11 words came from our own Barbara Yates Young.  She offered to pull me out of my drowning pool with words.  Her supply of words will come in handy during April’s run.  Thank you Barb. To round it out to a dozen Catherine McGregor added “motley.”  Thank you, as well Catherine.

Have fun feasting on these words, Wordlers.  Barbara recommends pairing them with an image.  Give it a go.  See where your words journey.

Write On,