Wordle 174

Dear Wordlers,

Still without Internet, I’m posting this week’s words. This dozen comes from poet friend Catherine. She was inspired by one of her favorite shows, Penny Dreadful.

Enjoy them, toy with them, work them into something astounding!


Wordle 173


Dear Wordlers,

No Internet. Posting from my iPhone, hoping for the best! It’s coming early as I don’t see an option for scheduling the post.

Love to all of you,


Wordle 172



Dear Wordlers,

Your words came this week at the spur of the moment, when Pamela and Catherine let me know that it was Friday. They helped me brainstorm, and the week’s list was born.

Eat it up,


A Baker’s Dozen ~ 170


Greetings Wordlers,

It’s Saturday night for me. I just finished generating the wordle with a new word cloud generator, wordle.net had issues. This is nice. Something is in the works for me, and I hope to see you in the morning.

Write on,